Tips from John Spach to clean your commercial kitchen in few easy steps
John Spach

Tips from John Spach to clean your commercial kitchen in few easy steps

The kitchen is the area of the restaurant susceptible to pest infestation. Leftover food items, food trash, a hotbed of fresh produce frequently attract rodents, cockroaches, and sand-flies. It is not only annoying but also affects the hygiene of the kitchen area. Besides the regular cleaning routine, it is significant to keep the commercial kitchen updated. It will keep the pest away and take care of hygiene. It is here that John Spach provides kitchen owners with valuable tips that will help them to get a clutter-free kitchen that is free from unwanted pests.

Take a quick look at the following points provided by John Spach to keep away kitchen rodents

As illustrated earlier, the kitchen is the most active region of the restaurant. Chefs spend a considerable part of their day working in the kitchen. Hence, the hygiene and maintenance of the kitchen are crucial. For this, the following points are of significance

Use of airtight containers: store pantry staples in airtight containers. Whether perishable or non-perishable, store food items securely. It not only keeps the food fresh but also prevents pests from getting into them. You cannot stock some food items in cold storage like coffee beans, sugar, or oats. They need airtight containers of decent quality or plastic containers to prevent bugs from getting to the food.

Strategically store unopened food items: another significant point provided by kitchen experts in the proper storage of unopened food items. It helps you to ensure the expiry date. Moreover, the pest does not get to them with ease. Keep everything in order so that you can see them organized. It will help you with your commercial kitchen functions and increase the efficiency of chefs. Keeping the food of the same category in one place, rather than squealing them, is crucial.

Use chalkboard walls: chalkboard walls increase the aesthetic sense of the kitchen and handy equipment for keeping the grocery supplies arranged. You have to re-evaluate what you require and adapt them accordingly. It helps in creating a clean and well-arranged kitchen. Moreover, it helps in cutting food waste.

Keep the shelves and container clutter-free: clutter is a reason for a pest infestation in commercial kitchens. Bugs can breed in such areas. To prevent this, you have to clear the clutter and keep the germs away from the counter. Put the containers away after you use them to ensure that it is well-arranged.

Hotel owners may use cabinet organizers and take out the trash as quickly as possible from the kitchen. Keep in mind that dry or wet garbage is a place for pest breeding. Ensure the garbage cans and bins are wiped and cleaned to prevent any residue. Cleaning the kitchen appliances in the restaurant is crucial. All this will help you to control pest breeding.

Regularly evaluate the cracks and chips as these are hideouts for creepy crawlers. You can replace them or seal the cracks and chips with the help of tile filters. It will prevent the bugs from multiplying in commercial or industrial kitchens.

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