John Spach Points out Mistakes to Avoid for Safeguarding Your Organization from Incompetent Cleaning Companies That Could Adversely Impact Your Property
John Spach

John Spach Points out Mistakes to Avoid for Safeguarding Your Organization from Incompetent Cleaning Companies That Could Adversely Impact Your Property

John Spach cleaning services need to go far beyond just keeping your office in scrupulously clean condition. They have to work towards keeping you and your employees healthy and safe.  We know that one out of every four persons would be reporting to work with some illness or health issue. Hence, it is of pivotal importance to keep your workplace, especially, the common areas to be properly sanitized and germ-free.

As per the CDC, flu viruses could remain active for more than 48 hours on surfaces. John Space says that this may culminate in the transmission of contagious diseases. Rapidly among the staff members in the event, proper cleaning and sanitization are not done. You must be careful while hiring the services of a professional local commercial cleaning company. Do ample research about their credibility and quality of services.

Do not make the mistake of skimping on the recruitment procedure. As that may lead to lots of sanitary and health issues and regrets. Your main mistake is to skip doing ample research on the commercial cleaning services shortlisted by you. Here are some mistakes to avoid while choosing the right commercial cleaning company for your business space or office. 

John Spach Presents a List of Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake: Ignoring the Commercial Cleaning Company’s Specialization

Most commercial cleaning companies provide both commercial and residential cleaning services. However, it pays to understand that domestic cleaning techniques and supplies are not supposed. To work effectively in your office or workplace. It is a grave mistake to choose a cleaning company that specializes in home cleaning. This may lead to inefficient and shoddy work. You may consider examining the shortlisted commercial cleaning services’ website to know their area of specialization. Browse through their commercial cleaning and sanitization services checklist. To make sure that the services provided by them fulfill your organization’s cleaning and sanitization requirements.

Mistake: Agreeing To Enter a Fixed-Term Contract

It is quite astonishing to find that there are some commercial cleaning services. That is convincing you into agreeing to enter a fixed term or 12-month cleaning contract. Experts caution you against being tied up with a 12-month cleaning agreement. Avoid fixed-term cleaning contracts because organizations that force you into signing. A fixed-term contract does not have faith in their service. It seems that they are saying that they know that you would not be happy with the quality of their work; hence, they must safeguard themselves by convincing you to sign the fixed-term contract. As a rule, experts warn you against fixed-term contracts.

Mistake: Employing the Services of a Cleaning Company without Robust Management by John Spach

A commercial cleaning company without having robust leadership and strong management may come up with poor or inconsistent outcomes. You may need to deal with a total breakdown in communication. Since the cleaning staff and the supervisors are not coordinating or working in harmony. You may instead, opt for a commercial cleaning organization that boasts of an elaborate and strong leadership structure. With the ability to conduct proper staff training and carry out random inspections and checks to keep the employees on their toes.


According to John Spach, Avoid all the above-discussed mistakes and also, avoid commercial cleaning companies that have no liability insurance coverage for their employees. If you hire the services of such a company, you may have to bear the treatment and other medical expenses in the event of an accident on your premises while on the job. Do a thorough background check and do not make the mistake of ignoring or disregarding references, reviews, and testimonials.

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