Explore Expert Tips from John Spach to Keep Your Office Germ-Free and to Ensure That Your Workplace Is Scrupulously Clean?
John Spach

Explore Expert Tips from John Spach to Keep Your Office Germ-Free and to Ensure That Your Workplace Is Scrupulously Clean?

John Spach offices need to be scrupulously clean and in pristine condition because some of the portions of the workplace are open to visitors or the public. We know that a clean and sanitized work environment will leave a great impression on the minds of your visitors, existing clients, and even potential clients. A sparkling clean office is a way of giving your organization a professional look, boosting comfort for everybody on the premises, and making the workplace far safer. Here are a few tips from commercial cleaning and sanitization expert John Space to keep your office germ-free.

John Spach Offers Tips for a Germ-Free Office Environment

Wash Your Hands Every Now and Then

Around 80 percent of all diseases, that are known to be infectious, are transmitted. From one person to another through touch. An effective way of preventing flu is by hand washing. It is supposed to be an effective, cheap, and simple step towards a germ-free environment. And everybody should follow it. Encourage all your employees to keep practicing hand hygiene. They should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water many times during the day. To prevent COVID-19, make sure that you are rubbing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before finally rinsing with plenty of running water.

Wipe the Surfaces to Maintain Germ-Free Environment

Experts reiterate the fact that there are 400 times at least more bacteria on the average desktop in comparison to the average seat in the toilets. Hence, keep wiping your keyboards, mouse, or computer tables, mobile phones, and monitors. Moreover, make it a habit to keep cleaning touched surfaces frequently with sanitizing or disinfecting wipes. Make sure that the refuse areas, storage rooms, changing rooms, and canteens, are scrupulously cleaned using surface sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes. 

Keep Scheduling Professional Office Cleaning Regularly

John Spach says that professional cleaning organizations offer top-grade dusting, cleaning, and sanitizing. These people are efficient, and they know of techniques to make sure that the overall environment in your office is germ-free and clean.   

Commercial Office Cleaning: Tips to Determine If Cleaning Has Been Done Well

Business owners need to ensure that their office is neat and clean at all times. They may focus their attention on monitoring the cleanliness of their premises by examining the following areas.

The Front Door

Your front door is the mouthpiece to your organization, and it speaks volumes about your company. Visitors and employees see the front door while entering the office every time. You must ensure that the front door is sparkling clean and germ-free. Check the handle or knob and look for any visible signs of dirt or dust. Moreover, spot any fingerprints or smears on the glass surface. Under dire circumstances, make sure that you are sanitizing the knobs and handles on the front door every now and then with disinfectant sprays and anti-bacterial wipes to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. 

The Reception Area

Inspect your reception area very carefully. Examine if the soft furnishings are clean and stain-free. The furniture covers must be washed, now and then or the furniture upholstery, blinds, or curtains need to be replaced from time to time. Do vacuum cleaning every single day. Make sure that the professional cleaners are maintaining your office in pristine condition. The carpets and sofas are free from debris, dust, or dirt.

The Communal Area

Visitors and employees are constantly using this area. Thanks to the heavy footfall, this area becomes dirty quite easily. Hence, this area needs special cleaning and professional attention to benefit frequent visitors and staff spending their time there.


Make sure that the professional janitorial services are doing their job well. The seats and pans should be scrupulously clean. Proper cleaning materials and disinfectants need to be used. Toilet paper, tissues, soaps, and sanitizers should be in constant supply.


Hence, it is pretty obvious that these spaces need special attention while cleaning. While inspecting, make sure that the computer is grime and dust-free. If you find dirt lying here and there in the workstations of your staff, it is clearly evident that your commercial cleaning partners are not up to the mark.


Your workplace’s cleanliness must be of top quality. Anything less than stellar is just not acceptable for maintaining your company’s image and your employees’ health and overall wellness. 

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