Crucial ways to clean and maintain commercial kitchen equipments as explained by John Spach
John Spach

Crucial ways to clean and maintain commercial kitchen equipments as explained by John Spach

John Spach as the restaurant owner you must make sure that the equipment inside and outside the kitchen gets. Thoroughly cleaned since the staff and your customers’ health and safety depend on the restaurant’s hygiene. You must ensure that all the bacteria and dirt. Get removed from your restaurant’s premises. Besides maintaining kitchen equipment and tools. You also have to clean other areas of your space depending on the daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As the restaurant owner, you will also have to explain to your employees how to sanitize and clean the tools and equipment.

If you are wondering how to start and where to start your commercial restaurant’s cleaning process, you will have to bid farewell to your dirty and unhygienic kitchen. This article highlights some of the easy tips and solutions for cleaning a commercial restaurant kitchen.

Some crucial tips for cleaning kitchen equipment, by John Spach

Ways to keep a commercial kitchen clean and maintained

Clean the grease traps, inceptors, and kitchen exhaust systems

If you do not regularly clean the exhaust vents. You will also have to clean the filters regularly, and if you see any damage to the filters, such as rips and tears, you have to replace them immediately. You also have to ensure that the grease traps under the sink. And the inventors remain clean regularly or specifically every week to make things run smoothly. As an owner of a restaurant, you also have to ensure. To reduce any clog in the sewer line and try to clear them. In a month or week to prevent any health hazard.

Clean the walls, ceiling, and floors

Over time grease and food particles can make their way on the ceiling, walls, and floors. Food particles on the floor not only put your staff at the risk of slip and fall but can also contaminate the air around you. The floor should always be swept and mopped. If not done so, this can affect the quality of the food and cause a threat to public health. Hence you are advised to clean the floor daily and clean the walls. And ceiling biweekly or every month. It would help if you also used a high-grade degreaser to clean the space other than using an ordinary cleaning solution to ensure that everything works as effectively as possible.

Clean the stainless steel equipment

Many restaurants use stainless steel because it is very durable and easy to maintain. But it is not a maintenance-free item. You have to properly take care of stainless steel tools and equipment to utilize them properly. You can clean them using a wet cloth and mild detergent for wiping and cleaning. If you fail to remove the grease with gentle detergent, you can use baking soda or commercial cream cleaner. You must use the right cleaning tools and avoid using cleaning materials to prevent scratch on the steel’s surface. You should also sanitize and disinfect the equipment made of stainless steel regularly, says John Spach.  

Mentioned above are some of the procedures that will help you clean the equipment of any commercial kitchen. Cleaning the pieces of equipment of a commercial kitchen can be a daunting task for you. Still, it is very critical to safeguard. Your customers’ health and protect the reputation of your business and ensure. The quality of your food through regular cleaning procedures.

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