Bar Cleaning Tips by John Spach That Guarantee the Saving of Time and Effort
John Spach

Bar Cleaning Tips by John Spach That Guarantee the Saving of Time and Effort

John Spach says maintaining an inviting bar can be quite challenging. In addition to serving the perfect brews and cocktails. With a smile that does not wilt under the severest of pressure. You need to keep it spanking clean and well-organized. Because of the high traffic, keeping a bar clean, organized, and sanitized can be quite a task. Some practical tips you will find useful:

Prepare a Comprehensive Cleaning Checklist 

It can be surprisingly easy to miss out on something if you rely on your memory. The first step is to make a checklist along with a cleaning schedule for the day and the week, especially for the opening and closing times. Checklists have multiple benefits; the staff not only no longer can forget to do something, and it helps to instill accountability besides helping to create a smoother workflow. The list of activities at the time of the opening will ensure that the bar is ready to receive guests without a hiccup, while those for the closing ensure you don’t run short of anything unexpectedly.

Set a Regular Deep-Clean Schedule

In addition to the daily cleaning and organizing tasks. You will also need to create schedules for more intensive cleaning on a weekly and monthly basis. It is best to hire a professional agency to do this; however, your bartenders can also do the job if you have a tight budget. You need to ensure that they are equipped with the right checklist. Along with any special instructions, and they have the right equipment and cleaning materials.

Ensure Your Bar Is Properly Organized, Recommends John Spach 

While dusting, wiping, and sanitization are essential. For cleaning the bar, it is also vital that all things are kept in an organized manner. Doing this not only makes them more accessible but also keeping them clean is easier. An organized bar also means that your bartenders can work more comfortably and efficiently, says John Spach. Everyone should know where things are kept so that when needed. They can double up for each other, prevent confusion, and also be accountable for keeping everything in place.

Keep the Bar Ready for Service Always

Bars are busy places, and you need to focus on serving customers as they want regardless of how crowded. The place is and the hours of the day. However, while your focus should never waiver from serving guests, you need to continuously keep on resetting the station. As you keep serving so that the bar organization does not become chaotic. Even though it may be tempting to relax after a particularly busy session. You keep the bartenders on the ball and use every opportunity to clean up. By allocating priorities to different tasks, you can ensure that your bar is clean, hygienic, organized, and appealing. A well-kept bar with ac bartender on top of things tends to encourage customers to stay for longer.


The important thing is making your bar an attractive destination for thirsty guests is consistency. Just as you open and close your bar at the same time daily, your cleaning and organizing schedule should also be regular and made a matter of habit among all staff.

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