2021 Diet changes due to COVID-19 by John Spach
John Spach

2021 Diet changes due to COVID-19 by John Spach

Although fitness and health trends were on the rise even before the pandemic, people became more conscious of what they eat after the virus outbreak wreaked havoc in almost everyone’s life. Health and wellness in terms of food and drinks occupy the center stage today. The dietician nutritionists say that affordable, comfort and immunity-boosting foods are on everybody’s mind now. And there is a considerable transformation in snacking habits too. According to the registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), people will most likely incline towards organic and clean food along with ingredients, such as hemp, collagen, and CBD. To understand it elaborately, John Spach says let’s dive into the food and drink predictions for 2021.

John Spach: A quick look at 2021 superfoods and diets

Food and beverages packed with health and wellness and immunity-boosting capabilities will be the priority, thanks to the pandemic-related health food revolution. To be precise, everyone wants to improve the gut, control inflammation, and cleanse radicals. So, it isn’t surprising to notice people hunting down avocados, salmons, nuts, golden berries, chia seeds, hemp, green tea, blueberries, yogurt and kefir, kale, spinach, other leafy veggies, acai, etc.

As John Spach rightly points out, the year 2020 saw renewed interested in tried and tested comfort food options, such as dairy products, fermented items, etc. Even vegan diet got accelerated as people started looking for clean labels. The food industry believes that the ‘eat healthy’ habit will dominate for many years now.

Intermittent Fasting in and Keto out

There is increasing awareness about the impact of food on health and immunity. That’s why consumers want diets that promote their wellbeing as well as long and healthy life. In this context, the ability of intermittent fasting to renew cells has caught everyone’s attention. Here are some of the top suggestions from the industry experts:

  • Dig into a vegetable-rich diet every day
  • Avoid processed and fast foods
  • Control the intake of food with added sugars
  • Add more fiber
  • Drink tea and coffee without sugar

Nutritional habits are witnessing unprecedented evolution. The world is busy with the thoughts of sound health and long life. And it is paving the way for the choice of diets and ingredients. If you care about your immune system and wellness, keep an eye on what the food industry and nutritionists recommend. Going with healthy food trends and lifestyle can unlock many nutritional secrets that always existed but didn’t get the due recognition until now.

Remember, your body is what you eat. So when you shift to a good eating habit, you must look at it as a permanent change. The viral disease and all the fears associated with it can end tomorrow. But health is wealth, and you have to pay attention to what you feed yourself to ensure its best form. If you achieve this, you can overcome the frenzy and anxiety that the onset of new diseases introduces in one’s life.

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